Spine Care International (SCI) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to bring spine care to underserved populations.


In his many years of performing spine surgeries, Dr. William Choi has been profoundly impacted by the alarming number of patients that are left untreated due to lack of insurance or financial status.

Spine Care International extends its services in the form of free or affordable spinal surgery and care, as well as providing advanced surgical equipment and the necessary training for performing complex spinal surgeries.


The Spine Care International Team

William Choi, MD, FRCSC

Lee Hamby
Founding Member

Leigha Hession
Founding Member

Giovanni Rider, BA
Founding Member

Lara Theobald, BS
Founding Member

Kat Hanson
Member, Neuromonitoring Technologist

Bruce Comeaux
Member, Certified Surgical Technologist

Steven Shannon
Member, Anesthetist

Tami Friend
Member, Registered Nurse

Dr. Todd Burmeister, DO
Member, Anesthesiologist

Marissa Cooper
Member, Videographer

Karla Yahn
Member, Physical Therapist